Educator Appreciation Essay: Bob and Betsy

May 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Where do I begin? Bob Anderson and his wife Betsy have been providing an encouraging environment for high school students for over a decade. The Anderson’s Homegroup is a place free of judgment and packed with life and energy. Every Wednesday, 20+ students come to learn about life, the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian. As a bonus, there's plenty of food, and of course, Bob’s hilarious sarcastic comments and cheesy baseball jokes. I could write an entire essay on how much this loving support system means to me. However, I wanted to focus on the creators and leaders of the group Bob and Betsy Anderson.

Bob is in his 60s, but has plenty of energy. He works as contractor and an architect. A baseball nut, his basement is a shine to the Milwaukee Brewers. From the baseball pinball machine, to the Miller Park mural on his wall, to the over 20 bobbleheads on the shelf, to the tickets stubs lining the table, Bob may be obsessed. His personality would best be described as a “character.” He’s someone you’d need to meet to fully appreciate how witty, caring, and wise he is. He’s like a crazy combination of a sarcastic baseball manager, a stand up comedian, Bob the builder, and Gandhi. He’s a charismatic individual that is passionate about his interests and even more passionate about teach and learning.

Betsy is the sweetest person I’ve met. Honestly, I didn’t know it was possible to be that nice. Like a solar powered battery, she never seems to run out of energy. She works as a grade school teacher during the day. From the appreciation letters I see on the table, to the gift baskets from her students, I know her students value her as much as I do. The banter between her and Bob is hysterical. She acts as the voice of reason opposite Bob’s snarky side comments. 

A calendar hangs on their wall. Written, are events and activities students from the group are participating in. Monday the 24th: Hayley’s violin recital. Tuesday the 25th: Jackie’s softball game. Wednesday the 26th: Homegroup. Thursday the 27th: Katie’s choir concert. The Andersons sacrifice their time to make sure that the students feel loved. What bewilders me is how much joy it brings them to support us.

The Andersons inspire me to love others because of the love they show me and the students on a daily basis. Their teachings extend beyond the 30 minute bible lesson they give every Wednesday. No, their mentorting encompases the students lives. From baseball games, to job offers, to movie nights, to concerts, to college tours Bob and Betsy Anderson are involved in each of the students lives in order to shape them into the person God intended. I wouldn’t be where I am, confident about my future, without them.  Their love and dedication deserve recognition.

The author's comments:

An essay on two of the most influential people in my life.

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