Educator of the Year or My Favorite Teacher

May 5, 2017
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An extraordinary educator conforms life skills they acquire into lessons and teach through experience. That type of learning comes from teachings inside and outside of the classroom. Mr. Muehl’s shares his knowledge with such ease, going above and beyond to teach every student. There is no question he portrays an extraordinary educator.

Mr. Muehls, resembles an adorable aged man no taller than 6’, hair as white as snow, a full mustache, and most importantly, a glowing smile. Without saying a word to this marvelous man you can see on his face how much passion he holds. From the way he answers questions, with complete sincerity, to the way he constantly worries about the well-being of his students, Mr. Muehls is always working to help others.

Through all three years of middle school, I didn’t have Mr. Muehls as a teacher. But I got to know him from seeing him around school. Soon, I stayed after school at least once every two week to spend time with him.
Mr. Muehls works as a Special Education teacher at North Shore Middle School, but to so many, students he is so much more. He holds himself like the living guardian angel of North Shore. The time and dedication Mr. Muehls gives to his work and kids goes beyond that of any other teacher. I could not think of one thing that you could ask of this man that he wouldn’t gladly do for anyone.

One of my favorite memories was when one day I was returning back from a half-day field trip and I had gotten into an argument with a friend. The first thing I thought to do was go see Mr. Muehls. I went into his room and where he held his study hall. I walked over to his food cupboard (Mr. Muehls stocked that cupboards with food to share), grabbed some Ramen Noodles, and took a seat. Without question, Mr. Muehls let me sit and talk with him for an hour before sending me to my next class. I still remember this act of kindness and think about how well it portrays Mr. Muehls as a person and teacher.

Each morning, I came to school and saw Mr. Muehls standing outside of his room greeting students. Everyday, I would comment on his fun and funky ties—he wore a new one daily. And anytime I needed a pick-me-up I walked into Mr. Muehls room, where he would look over his glasses and say,

“Well hello Miss. Ells, come in.”

I still recall the fun times me and my friends shared, spending time and messing around with Mr. Muehls and his fun brain games and trinkets.

Thank you, Mr. Muehls, for teaching me to be the best version of myself, to look out for those seeking help, keep my head up, and fly. Your kindness stuck with me and will for the rest of my life. I am proud to call you my favorite educator. Your impact on others doesn’t go unnoticed.

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