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May 5, 2017
By KingBlock25 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
KingBlock25 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Those who think they can, and those who think they can't, are both usually right."

Sunny and 85 degrees, the group of sprinters runs a 200 workout. The sprinters look as if they are ready to drop by the finish line. However, they walk back to starting line, waiting for the next rep, and the next rep, all with looks of intent on their faces. After the last, they smile, relax and walk around the field. How could people in Track and Field think running is fun? But I enjoy Track and Field not only because I get faster and stronger, but also because of the presence of my teammates and coaches.

The majority of the kids during practice are positive, and I believe that is because of our head coach, Chris Herriot’s, attitude and expectations. I am currently a junior at Arrowhead high school. I joined the sprinters last year and I have seen growth in both my speed and attitude.

Coach Herriot is like a lion leading the pack. He leads the way for the athletes to get better and to perform at the top of their game, all towards the goal of victory.

During hard workouts, he pushes us to give it our best. Coach Herriot is both serious and funny. During warm ups, or workouts, and before races during a meet, he is serious, and wants to put his runners in the best mindset. On the other hand, before practice starts, during rest periods of workouts, and on the bus ride home after a meet, he can be an entertaining guy.

Just the other day, he addressed our performances at conference relays. We had come close (just three points shy) to winning. Shortly after the team heard the news, we were disappointed, but proud. The next day, Coach Herriot mentioned the outstanding performances the team had, including breaking a shot put relay record. This motivated the team to keep working harder because we know we can win. After warmups, coach yelled out names for the next day's track meet. Over time, he added accents to names, which gave everyone a good laugh. This built energy, and everyone shared laughs. But then it was back to work. Coach Herriot creates a good atmosphere—a mix of focus and relaxed.

Joining the sprinters last year, I looked up to Coach Herriot and how he leads. He wants his athletes to push themselves harder than they think they can. Coach motivates me to try harder, and I gained confidence in school and I have seen my work ethic go up both on and off the track because of his leadership.

Thank you, Coach Herriot, for all you have done to motivate the rest of the team and me.

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