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May 5, 2017
By anovak21 GOLD, Colgate, Wisconsin
anovak21 GOLD, Colgate, Wisconsin
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Advanced Placement classes are challenging, but my AP psychology teacher, Mrs. Brown, makes the class welcoming and enjoyable. I’m a junior at Arrowhead High School and this is my first AP class. I heard the rumors about the hard work that has to be done to pass the exam, but Mrs. Brown helped me throughout the year.

Mrs. Brown is a spunky, eager, and giving teacher. We go through tests, quizzes, and weeks worth of vocabulary but Mrs. Brown makes the work fun and relatable. She captures us with her enthusiastic personality and incredible fashion sense. She walks into class everyday excited, with a new pair of shoes and fabulous outfit ready to start the notes. Every unit that we start she will say, “This is one of my favorite chapters” because she likes teaching them all.

Mrs. Brown makes time in her schedule (between being a teacher and mother of two) to run the psychology club. She donates her time after school to show us how interesting psychology can be. She brings in guest speakers from different fields of psychology and universities. There has been therapy dogs, clinical workers, and even a hypnotist at the club.

Mrs. Brown understands how much stress comes with AP classes, so she finds different activities to alleviate our stress and tension. She is like a fun teenager because she can relate to her students.

In class, we always participate in a demo at the beginning of each chapter that introduces us to what we are going expect in the new unit. From personality quizzes, optical illusions, and coloring pages, Mrs. Brown uses engaging activities to help us learn.

I would recommend AP psychology to my friends because of Mrs. Brown. Her fun demeanor and genuine personality makes her passionate about her classes. Thank you, Mrs. Brown, for making a difficult class enjoyable.  

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