A Class of Better People

May 5, 2017

Some educators teach students 2+2=4 and some teach students when to use ‘their’, ‘they’re’, and ‘there, each lesson creating a better brain, but what was lacking was a class where students learned how to become better people, until I met Mrs.Miller that is. Human Relations, a class where you learn how to control your emotions, share your flaws and embracing them, and most importantly, become a better person.


Mrs. Miller is a mother, a wife, and an educator, but she’s not your average teacher. In her class you don’t sit around and memorize formulas. You’re involved in the class each and everyday because the lesson always relates to you. One day you can learn how to relieve some stress from your life, yes please. Another day she says, “Write everything, A-Z, what stresses you out.” and then you get to take an entire class to just rant about it. What more could a moody teenager ask for? I have gladly participated in an encouraged rant.


I took Human Relations thinking it could be an easy ‘A’ on my transcript, but it became more then that. Mrs.Miller made it very clear from the first day of class that her classroom is a safe place. A place where each of us could talk about whatever we wanted to get off our chest and it wouldn’t be shared anywhere else. And that was hard at first because you weren’t just trusting her, you were trusting a group of randomly placed classmates, some of whom I have never even seen in our halls (our schools kind of big to know everyone) , but they didn’t stay strangers. Each day Mrs. Miller forced us to work with different people and socialise outside of Instagram and Snapchat. Face to face conversations...scary. But with her methods I became to trust each person in that room, some I even call ‘friends’ now. I guess you can talk to people without an emoji, who would have thought.


What makes her class even better is that she doesn’t just expect her students to rant about their problems or share their secrets, she joins in. She shares her life experiences to show us that life will not go the way you planned it and that’s okay. There will be struggles, college is going to be hard, unplanned events are okay. I couldn’t ask for a more engaged and honest teacher. Mrs. Miller won't sugar coat anything, “Life is hard and stressful, but we have to make it as enjoyable as possible.” and that’s what she's done with her class, made it as enjoyable as possible.


Human relations isn’t your ordinary class and Mrs.Miller isn’t your ordinary teacher, they’re extraordinary. I don’t think I could make it to the end of the day without Mrs.Miller’s class, I don’t know how I even made it this far. So, thank you Mrs.Miller for teaching me that smooth music will help me feel less stressed, life is hard and that’s okay, and thank you for being the one teacher in school that has tought me being a better person is as important as knowing the square root of -1.

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