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May 5, 2017
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Being a three sport athlete up to 11th grade, school did not always come first. Entering my senior year of high school, I took physics. Walking into class on the first day, I was still confused why I was taking physics. Then, I was approached by Chad Tschanz, the teacher.

As he read my name off the attendance sheet, he shouted with glee, “You must be Black?” Confused on why I was called a color, I kept my mouth shut and sat there awkwardly. He read the name again because of my awkwardness and said, “Ohhh, Blake!” The whole class broke out in laughter. When I heard his laugh, I knew Mr. Tschanz and I would make a great fit for the next two semesters. His personality and teaching style changed my opinion on physics. Going into the class I expected a nerdy boring unenergetic teacher. But Mr. T is the direct opposite.

Standing at 5’10”, he struggles to reach and erase the top of the whiteboard. But Mr. T acts like he is a 7-footer because of the amount of energy he brings. He gets in front of class and loves to get people involved. I have no love for physics and never will, but Mr. Tzchans is the reason I’m able to have a splendid time and look forward to class.

Mr. T teaches one of the hardest courses at Arrowhead. Because of this, he is constantly willing to help struggling students. He gives time for homework and rewards students with a funny stamp for getting their homework on time. He has over a hundred of those stamps.  He is once in a life time teacher.

The reason why I am writing  about Mr. Tschanz is because of his love for teaching and physics. He has more energy than a dog cooped up in a kennel for hours. During class, he loves running from group to group helping kids with their labs. Every senior talks about how much of a drag senior year is and that it is nearly impossible to put in the effort. But Mr. Tschanz is the reason I strive to get better (even during my last year of high school). I can’t thank Mr. T enough for the hours he puts into teaching and helping students.

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