Korinne Stinson

April 26, 2017
By rhysrecker SILVER, Austin, Texas
rhysrecker SILVER, Austin, Texas
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I’ve been in school for twelve years. Over these 12 long years, I have had over forty different teachers. Because of the multiple different educators I have had, it’s easy to lose track of what qualities I liked and disliked about each. However, one educator has left a lasting impact on me, and I will never forget the influence she had on my high school life. Korinne Stinson has impacted me throughout my high school years, and I will forever cherish the lessons I have learned from her.

Ms. Stinson, known to me as Korinne, served as my Precalculus teacher throughout my junior year, and also coached me in volleyball during my sophomore and junior seasons. Between these two different settings, Ms. Stinson taught me how to apply leadership and service for others in all areas of my life. I have come to develop a strong relationship with her, and am able to call her not only my teacher and coach, but also my friend. I will always cherish the fun moments we shared on the court in practice and the countless jokes made in the classroom. Korinne Stinson has taught me to be a better student, volleyball player, and person overall through her presence throughout my high school career. 

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