April 25, 2017
By graceeneal SILVER, Austin, Texas
graceeneal SILVER, Austin, Texas
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Since sophomore year, I have been in the wonderful class of Señora Brooks. She teaches her students about the culture and incorporates fun games into learning. She is young, yet seems very experienced. In AP Spanish, she encourages us to only speak in Spanish during the entire class so that we are prepared to speak with native speakers when we travel, as well as be comfortable with the language. Señora Brooks cares deeply about each student and they know that fully well. She expects a lot from each student but she is there for them every step of the way. Senora is organized each week and tells students what the plan is so we can be prepared and communicates with parents so they can keep in touch with their child’s learning. Her students excel in areas they didn't know were possible. She incorporates technology and field trips around the school to apply all learning styles. Señora Brooks also relates to her students in a way that most cannot. She asks us about our lives and gives great advice when we are stressed with overwhelming school work. She is a great role model. After each class, I am encouraged to be curious about the world around me by seeing the new opportunities that learning provides.

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