A teacher, a hero

April 6, 2017
By Joshua_LeVan BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Joshua_LeVan BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Educator of the year
I have always had issues with learning new tricks during my learning career at Gauger Cobbs Middle School because nothing was able to “stick” for me. I felt like I was not going to make it through eighth grade. Everything changed when I met Mr.Epting, my Woodshop teacher. He helped me to figure out the way I learned best, kinesthetically, and motivated me.

Mr.Epting’s way of teaching was rather blunt, right to the point and honest. If I was ever confused on a topic, he was always able to assist me and others who needed advice, while staying within schedule deadlines and parameters. Mr.Epting’s class was the first class I truly enjoyed. His class was the first class that I really contributed to, and because of that I actually found a reason to participate in class now. Without him, I fell I would have been unable to do so.

Before I had met Mr.Epting, I was unable find a good learning style.  Through his help and guidance, he showed me that I was a very hands on learner.  Without this information, I surely would not be where I am today. After a while, Mr.Epting added me to an extracurricular program, T.S.A. (Technology Student Association). He gave me a leadership role as head of T.S.A. for our school. With his guidance and training, I was able to become an exceptional leadership figure.  Later on in life, I feel I will be able to use these teachings to help myself succeed.

Mr.Epting was a very friendly teacher. We would discuss topics such as sports, the current news, projects we were working on.  He would even give us good advice that we will surely be able to use later in life. He was able to keep me well motivated with constant encouragement, which therefore kept me well involved in each project, giving me a reason to give nothing but the best to everything within the class.

After having Mr.Epting as a teacher, everything became more refined for me. Thanks to his teachings and guidance, I was able to become more intelligent in every subject. Through him, I discovered my learning style, important life lessons, and multiple strengths in which I had never realized that I possessed before. I will never forget Mr.Epting, for he is the teacher who forever changed the person I will eventually grow up to become.

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