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April 5, 2017
By MercedesMathews BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
MercedesMathews BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Mrs. Madison

Many students think their teachers don’t understand them. I believe a good teacher is somebody that tries to get to know their students and understand how they may feel. That’s why I think Mrs. Madison, my eighth grade English teacher, was a great teacher because she actually tried to get along and understand us. May people at Skyline Middle School really liked Mrs. Madison. She was kind, helpful, and understood how we felt.
Mrs. Madison was very understanding. If somebody was having a bad day or wasn’t behaving well, she would always make the next day a new day. She understood that not every day can be a good day, and she tried constantly to help her students. Mrs. Madison would also listen to our problems, and we could always go to her if we needed advice and support or just somebody to talk to. It was always nice to know you had somebody to go to if you needed to talk.
As well as listening to our problems, she would let my friends and I eat lunch with her if we just wanted to talk or hang out with her. She was trustworthy and knew that we could eat with her instead of having to stay in the cafeteria. She was very kind, and even if she was in a bad mood, she would try to keep that out of her classroom.
Mrs. Madison made sure to help as much as she could. She would make sure we all understood what we were doing clearly. Mrs. Madison would never give up on her students when she knew they had potential to do better. When my friends and I had a huge school anti-bullying project, Mrs. Madison helped us throughout the way.
Mrs. Madison tried her hardest to make sure she could help us succeed. She wouldn’t give up on us and would always let us know that we are all very smart individuals. She tried to understand us and was always so kind. She had a great personality and was always there if you needed her. For all these reasons and many more, I nominate her for TeenInk’s Educator of The Year

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