MSgt Kevin Howie: My Educator of the Year Nomination

April 5, 2017

Have you ever taken the time to say “wow this teacher is the best teacher, (s)he deserves an award “? I have and my decision was pretty easy because my person stood out more than any other teacher I’ve had since 6th grade. I choose an educator who was a United States Marine Corp MSgt; I chose Kevin Howie from Delaware Military Academy in Wilmington, DE. I have lots of reasons why I have chosen MSgt Howie: They include his way of teaching and the way he gets you to remember things.

Kevin Howie is a United States Marine Corps Master Sergeant where he retired after 27 years of service. During the 2014-2015 school year at George V. Kirk, he taught Naval Sciences, teamwork, leadership, discipline, as well as physical training, through the Young Marines. MSgt teaches teamwork no matter what you may be doing whether it's going on a hike or cleaning the bathroom. One thing I will not forget MSgt saying is “the ability to work as a team will get things done faster than working by yourself.” MSgt teaches leadership main principle because we will all have a point in time when we stand up to be a leader. MSgt also teaches discipline. Part of the creed for the Young Marines is “Remember that having self-discipline will enable me to control my mind and body in case of an emergency” and MSgt may not realize it but he lives by this. Getting tired in class? Do you know what PT is? Well, fall asleep in MSgt Howie’s class and you will find out. MSgt Howie gives PT as a discipline but most of the time you won’t do what you have done again.

Which leads me to my next point MSgt’s way of teaching. When MSgt educates, he doesn’t do mostly notes and book work. He teaches through comedy; he also uses T.V. characters we all may know. MSgt likes to have fun as well as have students have fun simultaneously while they are still learning something. While MSgt is teaching, there may be a few onomatopoeias like “BAM”, “Bang”, or even him practicing his war scream. In a bad mood? Well, go talk to MSgt because he knows how to make you bring a smile to your face. I remember, in 7th grade at Kirk in the beginning of the class, a kid was tired and cranky; by the end of the class he was laughing and having a good time. You might look at MSgt and say he would be stuck up and mean but he's  honestly the complete opposite until you’re on his bad side.

All in all, I believe MSgt has been the best educator I’ve had since 6th grade. Like I said MSgt teaches leadership, teamwork, physical training, but in a fun way. He’s not like many teachers where they give you books full of notes and they talk the whole class so that they can teach you what needs to be taught. Instead, MSgt teaches what he needs to teach and will not have to take so many notes. These are the reasons why I chose him. He’s my nomination for Educator of the Year. 

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