Mr. Evancho

April 5, 2017

Mr. Evancho
Mr. Evancho is the ultimate teacher that stands out to me from middle school. He was the eighth grade dean when I was in seventh grade, but when I moved up to eighth grade, he became my dean. Mr. Evancho was my favorite teacher because he was always in a great mood everyday. He always had a smile on his face when the kids got off the busses and came into the school. He is very nice and cares about every single kid that walks through those doors in the morning.
Mr. Evancho would always go out if his way to make sure that the students were having a good day, and if they ever needed someone to talk to, his doors were always open. Everyday kids would go to his office even though he wasn’t their dean. Each grade had a different dean, but Mr. Evancho seemed to be everyone’s favorite. He was always like a mentor to me; he always helped me with my problems, and he was willing to talk about anything I needed advice on. Mr. Evancho was always there for me when I needed someone.
He would always make sure that the students knew they were safe at the school. Everyone that went to Shue knew it wasn’t a great school or the safest school to go to, but Mr. Evancho made sure we all knew we were safe and nothing bad would ever happen to us while we were there. If you were ever having a bad day and needed some cheering up, Mr. Evancho was your guy. He was always happy; it seemed like he never had a bad day.
At Shue we had these things called “tiger dollars.”  If you did the right thing, you would earn some and collect them. Every month the teachers would get together and plan 3 activities for each month. Mr. Evancho helped some of the students that would struggle earning them. He would try to get them on the right track so they could earn the tiger dollars and do the activities like all the other students.
Mr. Evancho was a great influence on all the students in my opinion. He and I were very close because I went through a lot in middle school, and he was always my go-to person when I needed someone. He wasn’t only my dean, he was also kind of like a friend because he was always there for me. However, as soon and I did something wrong, he was on me and made sure I got myself together. I would talk to him about school, softball, family, and pretty much everything you could think of because I knew he would listen and always give me sincere advice. I will always remember Mr Evancho as an amazing role model, and I think he would be the perfect teacher for Educator of the Year Award.

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