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April 5, 2017
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Being a teacher is a hard job. I know because I’m a student and I see how hard teacher’s work. A teacher has to prepare lessons, grade papers, and keep control of the classroom. I bet it is exhausting at times. There are some teachers that go above and beyond. Mrs. Eva Foxwell at Brandywine Springs School is one of them. I would like to nominate her for Teacher of the Year.


Topic Sentence 1: Mrs. Foxwell developed a middle school technology curriculum on her own.
A. Support
In 2009 Mrs. Foxwell was hired as a contract teacher to teacher middle school business technology. There was no curriculum developed. She had to create it all on her own.
She used many of the things she learned while working at MBNA America earlier in her career. Things such as interviewing skills and management skills.
We were also required to learn Microsoft office products such as Word and PowerPoint.


Topic Sentence 2: Mrs. Foxwell’s three year middle school Business Technology class is so successful because it gives students real life skills.
One of the main things we learned was interviewing skills. Mrs. Foxwell had us create our own resume. We did this in class and she walked us through the process step by step and explained to us why the information was important.
After the resume was completed, we then needed to interview for a job. We had to wear business clothes and complete a mock interview. Mrs. Foxwell taught us all the interviewing skills from the importance of a firm handshake to the importance of making eye contact.
Throughout the process it taught the students how to use Microsoft Word to create their resume. There are no other courses in middle school or high school that allow you to practice using Microsoft products and this is very important to learn.


Topic Sentence 3: Mrs. Foxwell’s curriculum is fantastic but another quality that makes her great is how much she cares about the students.
A. Support
It is not unusual for Mrs. Foxwell to give the students hugs or high fives every day for doing their best or simply just to make them feel good.
She is ALWAYS positive. Her voice is always upbeat and she looks for the good in all situations. For example: After my interview she called my Mom to tell her how proud she was of me. She told my Mom how confident I was and how impressed she was. That really raised my confidence.
Her classroom is always clean and vibrant. She decorates the room for different holidays and that makes it warm and welcoming. Students from past years are always stopping in to visit with Mrs. Foxwell.


Concluding Paragraph
Mrs. Foxwell is a wonderful teacher in so many ways. The curriculum she put together, all on her own, teaches students real life things that will be essential in the business world. From writing a resume, going on a job interview and putting together a business plan. To put the icing on the cake she is the most positive and motivating teacher. She welcomes ideas and likes to incorporate fun into her class while the expecting the best from her students every day. For those reasons, I nominate Mrs. Foxwell for teacher of the year.

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