April 5, 2017

Educator of the Year: Mrs. Casper
Mrs. Casper. One of the most influencing people in my life. Many people have that one person in their life, that impacts them greatly. That is what I see in Mrs. Casper. Mrs. Casper teaches at my old middle school H.B. dupont. Not only is she a great teacher, she is a great coach and friend to me.
The first time that I met Mrs. Casper, it was when I was trying out for the H.B. dupont MS volleyball team; she was the assistant coach. Well, me and one of my best friends got cut. But I still remember what she told me and my friend after we found out we got cut.  She said keep those heads up and that confidence that I see in both of you. That one statement changed my view of a lot of things. Which made me very glad that I met Mrs. Casper.
Shortly after I got cut from the volleyball team, me and the same friend that tried out for the inaugural season for the softball team at my middle school. When I found out that Mrs. Casper was the head coach, I was ECSTATIC!!! And the whole time during the tryouts I kept reminding myself of what Mrs. Casper had said, “the confidence I see in both of you” And wouldn't you know me and my friend were two of the three girls who weren't 8th graders to make the softball team. Mrs. Casper who knew that we could do it, and I thank her a lot for that.
At this point, it is my last year playing softball at H.B. My friend and I were nominated team captains. (Thanks to Mrs. Casper). This season was a little rough this year though. I was in a big slump. Guess who helped me through it? You guessed it, Mrs. Casper. I had also a few bad days, but she knew right away when I was having and “off” day, and she would say “G, let's go take a walk”. After those walks, I would feel 110% better. Mrs. Casper listened to everything I had to say,she gave such great advice, and she made me feel sososo much better.
Thank you to the best coach I’ve ever had. Thanks for helping me get much  better in my athletic career, seeing the confidence in me, boosting the confidence in me, and being the best role-model any player could ask for. Thank you lots Mrs. Casper; you are my nomination for Educator of the year.

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