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April 10, 2017
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What is my idea of a perfect teacher? One who is caring. One who is funny but also can be serious when he needs to get a point across. One who actually motivates you and makes you can’t wait for their next class. One who relates to his class either by telling their life stories or by listening to the same hip-hop music we listen to today. One who isn’t scared to tell you how it is if he knows it is for your own well being. All of these characteristics pretty much describe my Naval Science teacher Master Sergeant (MSGT) Howie.


One of MSGT. Howie’s characteristics is how much he cares for his students. He is always there to answer any question a student asks and talk to any student. I remember earlier this school year when MSGT. told our class that we were the only class on his mind at the time. Now this really meant a lot to me because he pretty much meant that even he teaches other classes, when he is teaching our class that he is totally for our class and won’t let his other classes get in the way he teaches us. MSGT. Howie is also a very motivating teacher. It is hard to explain it, but the way he teaches his class is just so motivating, and it urges me to do my best in what I do.


Another great characteristic MSGT. Howie has is how funny he is. MSGT. is really good at implementing little jokes and skits into his lesson which makes class always fun. He does these little skits where he acts like a certain person or thing and it always end up in the whole class laughing in the end.


Now the best characteristic about MSGT.Howie in my opinion is how he knows about current stuff going on in the teen world. MSGT’s classes are usually really chill and relaxed where he will sometimes play music while we do our classwork. The best part about the music he plays is he is playing the new current hype hip-hop songs. One of the funniest things MSGT. has done was when he danced a little bit of the “Juju on that Beat” in the middle of our class discussion.


All in all,  MSGT. Howie deserves this award because he is an amazing teacher who is really more than a teacher; he is like a great friend. In my opinion I think every school needs a teacher like MSGT, and I am very happy and lucky to have a teacher as good as him. He is my nomination for the Educator of the Year.

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