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April 9, 2017
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I think that Master Sergeant Howie deserves to be Educator of the Year. He shows us about the real world outside of school. He so tries to get us to be a sharp cadet and citizens. Msgt Howie teaches a way that is fun and that everyone understand.

First off, Msgt Howie's teaching is unique. The way he teaches helps to show people so everyone understands. For visual learners he shows parts of a movie so then we can see the lesson in a way that would make sense to us. When he’s teaching, he doesn't use the book because he wants everyone to actually pay attention and not drift away. Therefore, he also puts what we are learning into real life.

Next, he helped me become a better person. He also helped me out of my comfort zone. He pushed me from being shy to being outgoing; he pushed me to be myself and to be proud of who I am. He also taught me about public speaking. He showed me it doesn't matter how nervous I am, I just have to be myself when I'm talking. Msgt Howie also showed me how to me a better person by the way I dress, getting plenty of sleep, and being prepared and being able to keep your hygiene up. He showed us that your impression needs to look good.

Finally, Msgt Howie tells us about the real world and about the military. He talks about all his stories. The other day he was talking about all the bones he broke and told us about him breaking both his ankles. He also tells us about other religions in other countries and how the religious people think it's okay to disrespect the children and the women, but to us in America think it's horrible. Lastly, he tells about the tools that we will use in the real world like about defending yourself and not using drugs and alcohol.

Msgt. Howie is unique; he is not like any other teacher I've ever had. He tells us more about the real world and about what it's like without using the book, and he makes us the way we need to be. Therefore, I think he should get The Educator of the Year Award.

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