Mrs. Watson

April 6, 2017
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Mrs. Watson is a 7th grade English teacher. She is a very sweet and funny . She always made sure that everyone understood what she was teaching. Mrs. Watson knew that as seventh graders it would be hard for us to sit and stay still the whole class period. She also knew that we would get distracted easily. Mrs. Watson would allow us to work in partners and would always change the class around so no one would ever get bored of the class.  She would tie our personal interests into the lesson so that everyone could find a way to relate to what she was teaching. Mrs. Watson would never have the class sitting down the whole time; she always made sure that we had at least a couple of minutes to walk around the class.


As a seventh grader, I was very talkative, and I could never really stay still. I was also a little bit of a troublemaker. Mrs.Watson would have some one-on-one time with me, and every time we had our moments, she always found a way to tie the lesson into what was going on in my life.  There was this one point were things at home weren’t that great and I thought  it would be cool to spend a whole class period doing nothing at all but give attitude to Mrs. Watson. After class she had me stay after a couple of minutes because she wanted to talk. When I stayed after class, she asked me if everything was alright.  I just decided to continue with the attitude and not say anything at all.


After a while I realized that Mrs.Watson was very disappointed; she was not to happy with me. I explained to her what was going on, and I apologized for my behavior. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make up all that work that I missed in class, but Mrs. Watson made sure that I got it done. In seventh grade I was supposed to be in honors English, but I decided that I wanted to take the easy way and just be in regular English, so the work was pretty easy for me. Mrs. Watson made sure the all the work wasn’t so easy; she was always challenging me. She even allowed me to get one of the honors vocabulary books.


Mrs. Watson always encouraged me to try my best, and she always made sure that even if my work wasn’t 100% that it was  at least my 100%. Mrs. Watson was the best English teacher I could ever have. She always found a way to get me that extra help, and she never allowed me to take the easy way out. Mrs.Watson changed me because now when I do my work it may not be perfect but it is my 100%. Thank you Mrs. Watson. You are my educator of the year.  

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