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April 6, 2017
By michaelrago BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
michaelrago BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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There have been many teachers in my life, but one of my favorites who has stuck out to me the most was my 6th grade English teacher Ms. Metz. She played a big role in my life since I was beggining middle school. Without her help, I wouldn’t have passed English throughout the past couple years. She helped me a lot with my reading and writing skills, and she has been a big influence on my life.

Before 6th grade, I was never interested in English class at all, and since I was starting middle school, I knew it wasn’t going to get any easier. I was in her homeroom class which made me a little closer to Ms. Metz than kids in other classes. She loved creative writing, so we did tons of essays and other writing assignments. She always cracked jokes and had so much fun with her classes. Each class even had inside jokes with her that no one knew about besides us. Sometimes she would tell us stories about her life that pertained to the English lesson. This, in a way, was helpful to me for her using real world examples.

One of the fun activities we did in her class was for creative writing. We had one minute to write down whatever came to our minds. After the minute was up, we shared what we wrote no matter how weird it was, and had to make a story out of it. This allowed us to have fun and to think outside the box at the same time. This activity helped me to start enjoying English class. For the reading part of English class, we used to read small plays in our textbooks. She would choose people to be the characters and we would have to act it out. This was also a lot of fun to do and a way to make English more fun and entertaining. 

Ms. Metz influenced my life in many ways. First, she helped me become interested in English and helped me become a better writer. She also taught me to not judge other people by the way they look and to be caring and kind to everyone I meet. Since she was such a good teacher and a big influence in my life, she was a big factor for me getting high grades in English throughout middle school and now high school.

In conclusion, Ms. Metz sparked my interest in English and is one of my favorite teachers from middle school. She has influenced my life greatly and is one of the reasons I am excelling in my English class today. I would like to thank her for everything she has done to help me and my classmates, and I will do that by nominating her for the Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year.

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