Educator of the Year Award

April 5, 2017

I believe Ms. Kaiser should receive the Educator of the Year award for various reasons. She is the type of teacher everyone should have in their life. She’s kind to her students and peers, she’s outgoing, and so much more that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Ms. Kaiser was my PE teacher at Stanton Middle School. Everyday she would welcome her students with a kind smile. She is a big believer in keeping your body happy and fit. Even though I didn’t like PE too much, I always looked forward to her class. She would let us play in teams and choose the game. She would try to make gym class as much fun as she could for us.

I admired how she treated us like her own children. She has such a big heart, and she always wanted to help us as much as she could. She would tell us her humorous life stories or even the gloomy ones. She is an inspiring woman to look up to. Ms. Kaiser just wanted everyone to feel open to her like she is with us.

She stood out more than all the other teachers. She really saw potential in each and every one of her students. She helped me to be more confident, and I couldn’t be more thankful. She wasn’t just a role model to me, but to everyone around her. She put off a positive energy that everyone could notice.

I truly wish everyone has had a teacher like Ms. Kaiser in their school experience. Someone who not only has been an amazing educator, but someone you can go to talk to and look up to. Ms. Kaiser definitely deserves this award for her kindness, care, intelligence, and fairness that she shows to everyone around her. She represents what all educators should truly be like.

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