Sñr. Steinberg: The Greatest Teacher of All Time

March 27, 2017
By Arhockey57 BRONZE, Plainview, New York
Arhockey57 BRONZE, Plainview, New York
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 High school is a fierce environment of passive-aggressive students who compete to surpass each other in their educational activities. High school classes are constituted withintense workloads supplied by teachers who can not connect with their students on a friendly level, making the learning process difficult. However, Spanish 3H teacher Mr. Steinberg of POBJFK HS is one of the lone teachers to make learning enjoyable.


With the combination of brilliant teaching skills and an extraordinary personality, Mr. Steinberg has influenced me to want to one day become a teacher as enthusiastic and jubilant as he. There is no denying his sheer passion for the Spanish language, for he uses his bright personality to teach Spanish in such a creative way so as to make his students understand the message yet have fun at the same time. He also cares for children more than any other teacher. Indeed, one day I was walking in the hallway when I noticed a young girl sitting alone and shedding tears. I had first walked by her, but when I came back later in the period  I saw none only but Mr. Steinberg there himself, leaning over and comforting the girl by asking her in a polite tone how she was feeling. His ability to be an exuberant teacher and still have this touching personality has changed the way I thought of teachers, and has thus influenced me to  follow in his footsteps.

The author's comments:

I am devoted to my education and am glad to write about a teacher who has inspired me to work harder in school.

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