Teacher Appreciation Letter

March 15, 2017

Dear Ms. Hsu,

I thank you very much for your inspiring, appreciative, and admirable teachings to help me enjoy music. Best of all, thank you for inspiring me to pursue a music career in the future. I aspire to pursue a music career because your classes helped me enjoy singing and learn more about music. I loved using instruments from around the world during World Music, and I enjoyed creating a music video in Choir. My experiences helped me feel passionate about music. I promise to work hard as a singer in the future.

In addition, I admire your positive method of teaching students. You inspired them to work harder and feel better about attending school. I happily enjoyed participating in your classes, and I learned voraciously about music. I also appreciated your positive feedback during Mini Musical rehearsal, because it helped me work harder to improve my role as Willy Wonka. With your positive guidance, I felt delighted about attending school, looking forward to music class every day. Definitely, I really admire your positivity, and it benefited me in ways I really thank you for.

Furthermore, I appreciate your enthusiasm in teaching, and I absolutely enjoyed participating in music classes. You always prepared interesting activities to better understand the lesson. Before I developed an interest in music, I actually wanted to enter a business career when I grew older. When you taught in East Prairie, I greatly appreciated music. While I took Choir in sixth grade, I finally discovered my strong musical passion. In fact, I wanted to learn more about music than business. Because I enjoyed learning about music in your classes, I want to use what you taught me to help me reach my musical goals.

Overall, thank you very much for helping me realize my passion and inspiring me to work harder to achieve my goals. Thank you for teaching me not only in music, but also in approaching situations with positivity. I hope you continue instilling happiness and inspiration into your students.


Psalm D.

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