Teacher of the Year: Andrea Smeeton

March 13, 2017

Dear Mrs. Smeeton,

Every single day you inspire me and influence me to always strive to show my best qualities.  You influence my life outside and inside school. Whenever I feel stressed about a test or crammed with hours of work, you remind me to stop, take a deep breath, and focus on one step at a time. During your classes you offered me extensions and extra class time to study or finish essays I felt unhappy or unfinished with.  Whenever I need a boost or just someplace quiet to work, I immediately look to you.

I admire your contributions towards helping students, your community, and  your family. You always take every chance to help out the community with pride, whether it involves raising money for the local food pantries or making food for the less fortunate. You not only perform exceptional deeds but you also persuade others to join you, and always manage to make it fun. If students need help, you devote your time to make sure they solve their problem and feel confident in their solution. I admire all the time you devote to making sure none of your students ever feel down or stressed.

I feel unable to put together words to show how much I appreciate all you help me with every day. Regardless of any circumstances, you stay positive and remind me no matter the outcome, find a silver lining.  You always manage to find a way to push me past limits I never knew I held. I appreciate everything you taught me over the last four years, including life lessons I intend to keep close throughout the rest of my life. Never failing to put a smile on my face, I thank you for years of hard work, kindness, and mentorship.



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