Mr. Berlinghof

March 10, 2017

Dear Mr. Berlinghof,

Throughout the thirteen years of my life, I never felt inspired, influenced, or understood, by any other teacher. I remember the first day I entered our life skills, the bandroom. As a small, scared, and wimpy sixth grader, I felt the walls caving in on me. The three years of my life in homeroom changed my perspective on many things in life. I made new friends, learned life lessons, and played tons of Pictionary. As I leave East Prairie and enter high school, I carry on many of the life lessons you taught me. I learned to try my hardest, live life to the fullest, and grow and thrive not only as a student, but as a person.

You inspire me to try my hardest, keep up a healthy lifestyle, and live a better life. Your comforting personality and uplifting conversations in life skills helped me through tough times. The encouragement you give students, including me, helped keep up our morale. I remember in sixth grade when I used to eat Airheads and other candy in the morning at 8:45. Your disappointed glares and motivational words changed my horrible habits. I also vividly remember every instance where you encouraged me. Whenever I felt dissatisfied with my grades you always said to me, “Don’t go too hard on yourself,” or, “It may take some time.”  Your kind words affected me as I felt assured and confident.

Over the course of two and a half years, I realized I appreciate your kind actions. I appreciate everything you do, not just for me, but for all your students. Last year, when I fell ill with Salmonella, I received a letter from you and the rest of life skills. At the time, and even today, I thank you for buying me a card and wishing me the best. I also appreciate how understanding and considerate you act in every situation. Whenever I deal with a problem or an issue, I feel comfortable enough to ask you for help.

During rough and tricky situations I admire your understanding nature. All teachers and mentors make an effort to teach their students under any circumstances. You deal with tons of kids every day and still manage to give them your full attention. Your positivity and attention impacts my life everyday because it keeps me in a positive mood. Thank you for all you do, not just for me, but for all the students you teach.

To end the letter, I want to thank you. Thank you for staying an amazing mentor for three years. I cannot imagine surviving  middle school without your help, positivity, and considerate personality. You inspired me to try my hardest in life and you made me into a better person. Your advice and life lessons continue to amaze and help me through tough times. I will never forget these three amazing years in life skills.

Sincerely Yours,

Safa K.

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