My Art Teacher, Ms. Wade

March 9, 2017
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Dear Mrs. Wade,

Encouraging, helpful, inspirational, supportive, understanding, and unique. The traits listed describe you based on your characteristics and the way you act towards your students.

You influenced me to grow into a more creative individual with my artistic skills. You appreciated the different projects your students created, challenged me, and made sure I excelled. You always reminded me the effortlessness of art, and taught me not to judge an art piece based on the way it looks. You always showed me the not so perfect side of art, inspiring me not to focus on the looks of a painting.

I admire you because you encourage your students to work to the best of their abilities. You make art seem so effortless and increase my confidence regarding the projects I make. You always respect student’s ideas regarding their art projects. Your guidance and support makes me feel so special because it shows me how much you care about your students. I still remember your feedback for my 3D art sculpture which made the project work out as a whole. Whenever I felt demotivated, your suggestions gave me great ideas.

I appreciate the positivity you spread and appreciate the way you turned art into my hobby. You paved a different path for your students, when they felt their current path only brought them disappointment. Along with your skills, you bring creativity, and emit a positive energy into your classroom. I feel very lucky knowing you because you encourage me and push me to work to the best of my ability. Knowing how much you care for each one of your students when they take no interest in your class makes me feel so grateful for you. You always spread enthusiasm and make a great impact on my life.

I appreciate the time and consideration you put in throughout my years at East Prairie. Thank you for creating an environment filled with excitement, and room for making and learning from mistakes throughout the journey.


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