My Favorite Teacher

March 1, 2017
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The people who we gain trust and confidence with are the ones who allow us to persevere and challenge all odds. The ones who give us a chance and hope for the future, are the ones who allow us to truly be ourselves without the worry about what everyone else thinks. Our truths are held to our hearts with the confidence in who we are and where were from. My teacher, Mrs. Nancy Morse showed me what it means to stay true to yourself. She was not only my teacher, she was my inspiration. Whether it meant teaching me the mathematical difference between x and y coordinates, or explaining how to apply slope to real life situations, she opened my eyes to the potential to change the world for the better. She allowed me to discover the solutions that lie just past what once appeared to be an impossible problem. Confidence, strength, and selflessness, were all brought to me through her teaching and her undying love for others. Being a teacher in Tennessee for a long duration of time before retiring, she taught students the old fashion way. Teaching them lessons and skills that would allow them to prosper and accelerate in all other core subjects. After coming out of retirement to continue her love of teaching and spreading knowledge to my generation, she continued to help students from all over the county learn. As a Mathematics 2 Advanced teacher at Edgewood Jr. /Sr. High School, she has changed the lives of many students.

I have enjoyed being in her class and have gained the absolute honor of being taught important mathematical strategies and gaining a friendship with her that is built both on trust and understanding. I enjoy the pleasure of learning from her because she is one of the most devoted people I have ever met. In addition to having to drive over half an hour  to get to school each day, she stays hours and hours more than she is required, to help students succeed. Her devotion and her kindness has allowed me to receive a lifelong bond and helpful tips. I respect her beliefs, and her intelligence because I know she is teaching from her heart because of her true love for her students. She is truthful and supportive to all, with no favoritism ever shown to one student over another. She has a large amount of knowledge and encourages every student to succeed. During her mornings, afternoons, and lunch, she permits students the ability to learn the difficult district required concepts. I know that when I need her help, she will always be there to provide it. She is both a leader and honorable teacher. I feel privileged to not only call her my teacher, but my friend. She is my inspiration and my favorite teacher all rolled into one.

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