Bad Little Kid

February 15, 2017
By Anonymous

In second grade, you would think I was a innocent little girl but nope. My first few months of second grade it was fun and then I started staying after school. Hanging with my cousin and getting into even more bad things.


One day we stayed after school and vandalized our teacher classroom. We wrote on her board calling her out her name, we drunk her pop, ate her food, and trashed her classroom. We did it while we was suppose to be cleaning up her room but instead we trashed it. The next day we was in class, we peeped we left our gloves that we had on and then our teacher saw them and she just knew it was us but she didn't say anything. That day I felt so guilty that I end up telling on us and got ourselves in trouble. But the trouble was nothing we just couldn't go on two field trips which was cool with me. Now me in 7th grade was a different story I was making people fight, I was an instigator and kept it going, starting it and finishing it. Me doing all that I got myself in crap and ended up flunking the 7th grade, so now I’m behind. I graduated to the next grade and pass 8th grade . Anyways when I got to 9th grade I went to Consortium and they had specific rules. Which were if you have over 36 detentions then you are being retained and/or if you don't do your community service hours then you will be retained. Me I had over 36 detentions and they wasn't playing about retaining me. So I came back the next school year and they had me in 9th grade like all my classes except for my english, they gave me honors english. Before I even went back I wanted to leave like I was gone come to either my current school or Westside to fix my credits and grades. But I lows wanted to go back to Consortium because I thought they was bluffing about retaining me but I got there and they wasn't. So then I barely started going and my grades dropped and then I started getting them back up until I got into a fight and I didn't want to go there anymore. They started trying to get strict even more and I was over it so I left before they could kick me out.

I began my narrative describing how bad I was and my faults and how far behind I was. After that, I struggled with 9th grade year and ended up being retained for 9th grade. So then I didn't want to be in 9th grade all over. So I decided that it was time to leave to get help since they couldn't help me. I finally came to my current school because I wasn't on my toes working. Looking back and thinking back at my younger self makes me think like what was I doing. If I could go back I would, and do everything so differently. I would do everything differently because It's now effecting me as I'm older because I was bad after second grade all the way up until 7th grade. Me now , I don't honestly know what advice to give myself because back then it was for the fun of it but now It's different, I wouldn't get no slap on the wrist but in second grade I got let off two field trips. Now it's like if I wouldn't let my cousin influence me to vandalize with her , I wouldn't been bad and getting suspended. I would've told myself noooo, but my mom made sure I never did that again.

The author's comments:

I think make this a chapter of a book. 

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