Power to the Pencil: Educator of the Year: Mr. Broome

March 27, 2016
By angthewriter BRONZE, Houston, Texas
angthewriter BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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In life, we sometimes come across individuals that change our way of thinking. They open our eyes to new realities and aid us in comprehending who we really are. Throughout my short existence on this earth, one instructor has met these standards by making a difference in my education and life itself, the one and only, Mr. Broome.
I had the privilege of having Ontario Broome as my teacher for 4 years. This may seem like a dread to some people, but once you have Mr. Broome once you never want to leave his classroom again. He taught with such enthusiasm and devotion that it made you want to learn. His lessons were not only academic but life orientated as well. I recall him indulging in stories where he almost burned his house down as a child, collided with a metal pole playing football, or his unforgettable experiences at his beloved college, University of Houston. Mr. Broome’s smile was contagious. He could have you dieing of laughter one minute and motivated to take on the world the next. Although Mr. Broome was an exception person, with a lighthearted attitude and welcoming smile, he was a stickler for top-notch work.
Assignments turned into Mr. Broome had to be of the highest quality. Obviously, he helped us with any questions or concerns we had, but at the end of the day he knew we had the potential to accomplish any task he’d given us. His strong belief that his students could reach any goal granted me the will to believe in myself. Mr. Broome’s motto, “Good better best. Never let it rest. Till your good is your better. And your better is the best.”, soon became my own.
With Mr. Broome’s teachings, i went about sure of who i was as a scholar as well as a person. I can honestly say that Mr. Broome is by far the best teacher to walk this Earth. No other can compare to his compassion, humor, and willingness to share his knowledge. Mr. Broome brings truth to the quote, “The best teachers teach from the heart-not the book!"

The author's comments:

I wanted to give back to the person that opened so many doors for me. 

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