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March 22, 2016
By madisonmarkley BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
madisonmarkley BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When I ask myself “Which teacher deserves Educator of the Year?” My mind immediately goes to my ninth grade civics teacher, Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker has all the qualities you would want in a teacher. He is helpful, funny, and very knowledgeable. Mr. Walker lets us have fun in class, but also demands respect when it’s time to work.

  Mr. Walker takes his job very seriously, and he is always coming up with new ways to improve his class. One thing that’s unique about his class is that we take a quiz every week and a test every two weeks. Although some students may complain that it’s too much testing, I think it’s very beneficial. Mr. Walker isn’t one of those teachers who throws in random questions on tests or quizzes. He makes sure we know exactly what we are being tested on, and doesn’t add in random questions to “trick us”. Although the tests and quizzes are hard, he takes pride in his student’s high test scores since he prepares us so well.

  Everybody loves and encouraging and nice teacher and that describes Mr. Walker perfectly. He could drag on about the countries in the Middle East for 90 minutes a day, but instead he makes the class interesting for us. Almost every day we have class discussions, which is important for us since all the students like to voice their opinions on current events. Mr. Walker is always getting students to engage and interact in discussions. Mr. Walker never puts down anyone’s opinion, only raises questions on what the student said.

  You have to admit, being in class all day, seven days a week can get pretty boring, but not in our civics class! We are constantly learning something new. Whether it’s on gun control issues, problems involving ISIS, geography, or the presidential debate, Mr. Walker’s students are always engaged in class. It’s important for the students to learn about current events, especially since everyone’s faces are constantly in their phones instead of watching the news. Mr. Walker teaches us current events in a lively way that makes it exciting for student’s.

  It’s almost the end of the year, and I have never heard someone say they dislike Mr. Walker or his class. Mr. Walker is definitely someone who deserves the title Educator of the Year. He cares about his students and their education. He isn’t someone who teaches units just because the curriculum says to. He gets the students motivated to work hard with his saying, “every day is a work day”. He says it daily as the class starts. I can absolutely say Mr. Walker is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!

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