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March 30, 2014
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Jim Barnaby is an 8th grade teacher, a friend of mine and should be nominated for educator of the year. He is a good teacher first off. His style of teaching is fun, he interacts with class, and makes sure everyone understands what he is teaching. Another example of why he should be the educator of the year is that you can learn not only science but also life lessons. He can give you advice to handle certain situations. One thing I thought was interest was that he has life quotes stapled to the ceiling.

When I was in his class I learned a lot of useful things even though I didn't have the best grades. I learned through his lectures, labs, and his classic style of note taking. When we did labs, we would learn the correct way to use the materials. We also learned how interesting lessons could be. An example of a lab would be when we used liquid nitrogen to freeze objects like bananas and gum. One time we were learning about the periodic table and what each element is used for. Mr. Barnaby thought of a way to use liquid nitrogen to incorporate it into the periodic table. That lesson was so exciting.

In class there was a student who would need with understanding the materials. Mr. Barnaby would take the time out of his day to help him or any other student that needed his help. Basically he would go the extra mile to make sure all his students were doing well in his class.

Like I stated earlier, he is a superb life coach. He would find a way to incorporate life lessons into scientific lessons. He had multiple inspirational quotes posted along the ceiling. One of my favorite quotes that he had was “Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”. That quote inspired me to work hard at everything in life. I then started to work hard on my grades, working out, playing guitar, and becoming a better person. That quote and Mr. Barnaby inspired me to become a better person and learn from my mistakes. Trust me i have made many mistakes in my fourteen years of living. He taught me how to make things right the person i upset and myself. He helped me find a way for me to make up with one of my peers who had been previously my friend; regain that friendship. That is just one of the many ways he has been a great teacher and role model in my eyes.

All in all I have had my share of fun in middle school. He has helped me in my time of need and encouraged me when i was doing well. Mr. Barnaby is a good man and deserves to be the educator of the year. He is a fantastic science teacher and most of all a great friend. He has helped me personally, and he really is the ultimate teacher. That is why i think he should be the educator of the year.

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