Educator of the Year

April 1, 2014
By Colin Jones BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Colin Jones BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Have you ever had a teacher that has changed your life or you have ever loved and then missed? Educator of the Year is an opportunity to pick a teacher that changed your life and was a good teacher. Students have had many teachers in the past, so for us students to pick just one teacher means that the teacher you choose is special to you and you will remember them forever.

There are a lot of reasons I nominated Mrs. Simon, but one of them is how understanding she is and how she always helped you if you needed help. If you missed a paper, she would help you and give you time to do it. Also, if someone would ask her to slow down, she would slow down and go more at your pace. Mrs. Simon also always helped you when you were in a hole. She would always give extra credit or stay after school and help you with your projects or school work.

Some more reasons why Mrs. Simon should be awarded is she was so motivational. She would always be positive and complimenting someone. There wasn't one day that went by that I didn't see her in a good mood. She was always happy and enjoyed her job. She was also funny, and she always made everybody laugh. Another thing is her lessons were always fun and informational, I always learned new things in her class either from her talking or a video she would show to the class.

Another reason that Mrs. Simon should be given this award but some more reasons are she was just a nice woman. She was never rude; and she was never in a bad mood. Mrs. Simon always had manners and treated you like a young adult. She was just a good teacher all around and taught the class very well. She never picked favorites; she gave respect to the students that gave her respect.

These are all good reasons why I think that my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Simon should be Awarded Educator of the Year. She was such a good teacher, and she deserves it. She is one of my favorite teachers I've ever had, and I miss her. I hope to visit my old middle school and say hello to all of my teachers but also to tell Mrs. Simon that I nominated her for the award. Whether she wins the award or not, Mrs. Simon is my Educator of the Year.

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