March 30, 2014
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I went into the seventh grade waiting to have my already determined favorite teacher that year at Brandywine Springs School who also happened to be the track coach. I waited impatiently all day knowing that I had him after two classes I was rewarded for my wait. But as the year went own I had him a lot and went through many fun classes and learned many things while I had him. If you’re wondering who I’m talking about it is none other than my seventh grade science teacher Mr. Kelly.

In Mr. Kelly’s class I had learned how to calculate density, about genes and found out that if two objects that have a different weight but same mass can fall at the same speed. To help us remember some things Mr. Kelly did was that he played music about it like the genes song and the phases of matter song.

To review for a test or quiz we got to play a game like jeopardy and the winning team would get extra credit toward the quiz. We also had slideshows around the room that we had a certain amount of time at. This helped many people study and made the test so much easier and made it easier to remember those things afterwards.

He also helped me with track by giving us enjoyable games to play while we ran like his version of the Hunger Games, and the Marker Game. I remember always waiting to go to track to see what we would do that day. He also had a game that I was good at called last man standing where we would run 200 meters and the last 2 people to finish were eliminated and the first person was granted immunity in the next round. But we didn’t always play games he also helped with speed changing and distance running with fartleks (running easy for a little then running a sprint for 60 seconds) and long runs.

I consider Mr. Kelly to be one of the best teacher I ever had and one of the best coaches. His anecdotes were some of the things that made middle school easy but so was the mustache he grew for no shave November.

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