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Educator of the Year

March 28, 2014
By zachary.kitto BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
zachary.kitto BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Sister Elaine is the best teacher I have ever had. She was my algebra teacher in eighth grade. She was a strict teacher, but even though I didn’t like it then, I now realize that she just wanted the best out of us. She always challenged my class, and there wasn’t one time that I wasn’t tested on a concept. Being in her class was sometimes frustrating, but what she taught me is now making ninth grade honors geometry that much easier. She was also a good friend, and she would always take some time out of her day to help you if you needed it. Sister Elaine was a very good person, and a very good teacher.

Sadly, Sister Elaine died last year. I was very upset when I heard about it. Even though I didn’t see her again after graduating, she was always nice to me, and I am very sorry for her friends and family. I am also sad for those that will not be able to be one of her students. Anyone that has ever been around her has probably benefited from it, even if it was not because of something related to school. She was a great person and would help anyone in need.

Aside from being a school teacher, she was also a Sister of Mercy. She had been a Sister for many years, and would always try to help out in the community in any way she could. She was one of the three Sisters of Mercy in my school. They were all friends, and they helped out the school a lot. The other two Sisters still work at my old school, Christ the Teacher, and continue to help out greatly to this day.

Sister Elaine was the person that helped out with the money at my school. She was very good at it and was always on time. She was the kind of person that owns up to her own mistakes, and never takes anything for granted. She was a giving person, never taking. I have a lot of respect for her, and I wish she was still alive to this day.

Sister Elaine was someone that I looked up to, and I hope that I can be like her someday. She was an all-around great person, and she was someone that everyone should treat with respect. I am very grateful that I got to spend the time with her that I did, but I can’t help but feel that it was cut short. She was an excellent school teacher, but more so a friend. She will be greatly missed for her expertise in math, but also for her friendship and character. I am honored to nominate her for the Educator of the Year Award.

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