Mrs. Zerbe

January 30, 2014
By annajoelle SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
annajoelle SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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I’d never thought I would actually like English and enjoy my class us much as I do. In the past I would cringe at the fact that I would have to write an essay or complete a grammar test. When anybody would ask me what subjects I disliked the most English was definitely on the list. But as I walked through the door way of my eighth period junior English class seeing my smiling new teacher greet everyone as they walked in I knew this year was going to change my whole out look on English.

English now is my favorite subject and its all thanks to my wonderful teacher Mrs. Zerbe. She is hands down one of the best teachers I’ve had. She creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere for her students. She has the philosophy treat others and respect others the way you would want to be. That shows in how our class because everybody is friends and super supportive of each other.

Her style of teaching isn’t complicated she teaches and explains things straight to the point so it’s not confusing to understand. She teaches us responsibility and accountability by not accepting late work and monitoring by us while we take any test or quiz.

Her class is so much fun. She always has us laughing but can easily get us back on task if we get a little too rowdy and unfocused. Mrs. Zerbe is not only my English teacher she is also my Creative Writing teacher. I was so nervous starting that class in the beginning of the year because I didn’t think I was a good writer, but she helped and she encouraged me to have more confidence in my writing abilities.

She is a very compassionate person. She really cares and is concerned with the well being of her students. The other day one of my classmates was really upset, and Mrs. Zerbe took her to the side to see if she was okay. Not many other teachers would have gone out of their way to check up on and talk to their student about what is bothering them. She treats all her students equally and is non judge mental. She makes you feel comfortable enough to tell her anything and she will go out of her way to help.

I think Mrs. Zerbe should get Educator of the year because she enjoys her job and it shows through teaching and interactions with her students.

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