Mr.Pec and Mr.Peck the SCIENCE GENIUS

January 30, 2014
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Who is an Educator? Educator another word that is very valuable to us humans, like we all know Educator is a person who teaches others, in other words a person who shares and passes his or her Knowledge to others and makes them educated. So that they can help make this world a knowledgeable place. I am sure everyone has or had an educator in their life just like me. Someone who you can’t forget for your whole life and someone who you will always respect.
One of my favorite educator is a teacher who I had for most of my classes in my sophomore year of high school his name was Matthew Pecorella or Mr. Pec. He will always be one of my favorite teacher, or should I say an educator I have/ had so far in my school life. I had 4 out of the 8 classes with him that year and NO this is not the reason why he is one of my favorite teachers. The 4 classes I had with him were Chemistry, Biotech, Forensic and SAT prep. One good quality he has is that he always had a positive look at life and good control over his emotions because I have never seen him get angry or yell at students. He is always in a nice mood laughing, making jokes and making people laugh.

I liked all of the classes I had with him but the class I liked the most was chemistry. I was always eager to have his chemistry class. I had this class first period but I was always ready and looking forward to it. This was the only class in my school life that I had for first period but never felt bored or sleepy and was always excited for it, because you would always see me sleepy and uninterested in every other class I have for first period. First thing that would come to a student’s mind who knows Mr.Pec is that, a teacher who always says “I hate kids” (but doesn’t really mean it), is always happy, talks about sports alot, never gets angry at students, and always has a positive attitude.

At first I used to feel okay in his classes but as the time went I started to like his classes, I used to have so much fun in his classes. He was a teacher but a friend of mine at the same time, a friend who i always played chess with. Chess was our favorite thing, this is all we played in free time but always enjoyed. As a teacher he made everything fun and easy to understand for me. He is one of those teachers who takes the whole class with him and not just one or two smart students and leave the slow learners behind and if he needs to explain things 10 times to a student he does and the good thing about this was, that the more he explains the more easier he makes it to understand. He also tries to help students as much as he can by giving them good advices, like when he gave me an advice to take AP chemistry because I was good in chemistry. So he is a teacher who always encouraged me and for me it was a nice opportunity learning from him.

I have never thought science would bring me up to a person like Mr.Pec and I will be able to meet and learn from a teacher like him. Also I never thought science would become important to me until he became my teacher. I was never interested in this subject and always thought how is science important but now I know I was wrong about it. After 3 of the science classes I took with him I realized how good I am when it comes to science especially in chemistry. It also made my list of fields I would want to go in, in college a lot shorter than before and made me realize that I would do a lot better in a field involving science than any other field. I think he deserves to be awarded because a good teacher is someone who knows what he is teaching, shares his knowledge in the field he is an expert in with every student, but also help their students to make good decision for future as well as helping them figure out what are they the best at so they can become successful in life, and I am positive that Mr.Pec has done that, not only for me but for many of his other students as well. Mr.Pec you are one of those important teachers I will never forget, and I will always respect you for what you did for me. Also for giving my plant of science some water of knowledge and fertilizer of advices so it would not die. Never stop teaching science especially chemistry.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! For everything.

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