David Lee ~ World History teacher

January 30, 2014
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What makes a teacher deserve the “educator of the year”? Their way of teaching, how they treat their students, the ability to never give up on their students. A combination of all these qualities is the teacher David Lee.

Mr. Lee an unique teacher with a very interesting past. He has found a way to teach valuable and unforgettable lessons to his students. I can’t deny I was very scared when I first met him. In my freshman year, one day my friend and I walked through the prohibited door of Mr. Lee. This door is next to his classroom and students are only allowed to go through this door at certain times. We didn’t know we were not allowed to, when Mr. Lee saw us he yelled at us and almost gave us detention. From that day I thought he was going to be the worst teacher.

I was very scared when I saw my schedule for my sophomore year; Mr. Lee was going to be my History teacher. As the time passed in my sophomore year I got to know better Mr. Lee and what he wants for his students. He is a very strict teacher but deep down he is the kindest person that only wants the best for his students. When he is teaching he involves himself to demonstrate the students, so they can have a better understanding. I had to travel and I missed his midterm, he was so generous and helped me because he knew I always did my best. He is a teacher that always recognizes the effort of students. He never gives up and is always willing to help.

Behind Mr. Lee very strict personality, there is a very funny person. A person full of experiences and funny stories that he is always willing to share with his class. He always has a purpose behind everything he does. He shares with he students the struggle him and his family went through when they first came to the United States. He does this to teach his students to never give up, that doesn’t matter where you come from we can always be something in life if we are willing to work hard to get it.

Mr. Lee an excellent coach and teacher. He bangs his head on a cabinet when he gets frustrated. He gives students jolly ranchers at the beginning of every class but they have to throw the wrapper in the trashcan, because if he sees them he stops giving candy to student for a period of time. But of course with the purpose of teaching students how to be more responsible and respectful. He taught me to always do my best and that everything is possible. He also taught me to always go through the right door, just because is the right door. Mr. Lee a role model and a person that I admire.

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