sweet teacher

January 29, 2014
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Health and Gym
Sweet Teacher
I hate that teacher. That’s what most of the students say or at least that’s what I being hear for the last years. Well I don’t hate teachers. I appreciate my health and gym teacher. Is like having three things in one your teacher, a best friend and a your favorite coach.
This year I had to take health; I honestly have never understood the theory of Health class. But Mrs. Seeman makes it the opposite of it. She doesn’t confuse me at all. Am not saying the other teachers did, but I guess every teacher has their own way to teach, and I love the way she teaches. With her patient and kindness I understood how the body works and how we all can get all this STD’s if we don’t take care of our body and choices. I was very surprise, but am glad I had her as a teacher. Her attitude to class is very competitive, not every teacher has a positive attitude when they all know they have a noisy class. She knows how to keep it quite and get us through the lesson of the day.
Field Hockey! Yes she is the coach of Field Hockey. I had never paly this sport. Is very hard to play it and more when you don’t have the patient to learn each step that goes with it. My coach and I am very proud of saying it is the beast. She help out to be good at it, which I never got to the point. But I least I learn a lot from it. That’s what I will keep in my heart. Thanks to Mrs. Seeman I learn what a team of player is. Also I learn to be a little more generous. She is the most generous teacher you could ever ask for. She will try to help you on whenever she can. Even if you had a bad day with her, she stills talk to you on the nicest way there could possibly be.
When the rocks and walls don’t listen to me, I know Mrs. Seeman will. I have seeing many students that go with her when they feel down. I know she gives really good advices. I know this for fact because she has giving me some. She never tries to be your enemy but your friend. She is very funny. My sisters and I mess around with her, and we all laugh because we think is funny the way she talks. She got to meet my mom and some of my other siblings, which is awesome. She has really good manners and always used the kindness words to talk to you.
I appreciate Mrs.Seeman. I’m always going to remember her no matter what. I wish she could be my grandmother. I will be so thankful for life. But at least I have her as my teacher and I will take that. Sometimes we don’t appreciate teachers but teachers are just awesome.

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