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October 7, 2013
By rachelbernardo BRONZE, Bristol, Rhode Island
rachelbernardo BRONZE, Bristol, Rhode Island
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Schools are one of the first places where a child’s behavior and future educational success is shaped. The knowledge children gain throughout their schooling years is the crucial foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is crucial to children across the world to receive an abundance of information from great teachers. These teachers are people that understand us. They are our heroes. My hero is Mrs. Kendra McVay.

Mrs. McVay, or Madame McVay, is my French language teacher at La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island. She teaches children taking French 2, French 3, French 4, and French 5. She teaches with copious enthusiasm. It puts an enormous smile on my face every time I see her. She is unceasingly happy, I don’t remember there ever being a day where I have seen her angry. You can sense her love for the classroom by her warm demeanor. She talks to us in such a loving and generous manner.

As a freshman, I took French 1 with a teacher by the name of Ms. Marie Culpepper, I was intrigued by the language and decided to participate in French Club. To sign up, I headed to Madame McVay’s classroom for the first time. That proceeding marked the first time I became acquainted with “The Educator of the Year”. Her smile filled up the room and she invited me in graciously, while greeting me with a “Bonjour”! From then on I knew there was something special about this teacher.

She is not only nice, but she is a very interesting person. She lives on a house boat 9 months out of the year. She is adventurous, daring, and smart. She bends over backwards for our class in many ways. She stays before and after school to offer extra help for students. Her students are definitely her top priority.

Overall, these are all the reasons why I think Madame McVay should be the “Educator of Year” and why her devotion to the classroom should be recognized. All teachers should be able to learn from the way Madame McVay teaches and utilize these traits in their own classrooms. She deserves to be recognized as a teacher due to the hard work she pursues. Although I haven’t known her for very long, she has made an impact not only on me, but many children at La Salle Academy. This impact is something that cannot be taken away.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because I want Madame McVay to be recognized as a teacher. I want other teachers to be able to utilize her techniques in their classrooms. She is the best teacher I have encountered and I wanted to do something special.

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