September 12, 2013
By Javario03 BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Javario03 BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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"There are 3 types of people in this world... Ones who make things happen, Ones who watch things happen, and Ones who don't know what's happening"

When I was first introduced to Mr. Roberts, or J-Rob as we call him, I had no clue how much of a monumental figure he would be in my life. I benefited by having him as my Current Events teacher for the entire year last year. He was the main person I could run to when I had problems, in or outside of school, and I felt like this entitlement gave me an advantage. Mr. Roberts has always aided me in pursuing my goals and personal interests. His genuine, authentic teachings are, what I think, kept me engaged. Roberts understands students. He understands that students don’t want a politic; they want a leader and a mentor who is straightforward, reliable, and sincere in what he demonstrates. Roberts not only has this relationship with me, he seems to relate to everyone! I cannot name one student who does not like Mr. Roberts and I know that if we had more teachers like him, attendance rates will improve dramatically. The guy is just an exceptional, considerate, diligent educator.

J-Rob is a phenomenal who can enroll effort in anyone. He consistently has a game plan for himself, as a teacher, and for students trying to learn. The difference between Mr. Roberts and most of those other “cool teachers” is that he does not slack. He has expectations for everyone and pushes students to achieve and accomplish goals. School is so much more than just childhood requirements and J-Rob demonstrates the importance of our dedication. Sophomore year, I regularly had problems at home and they followed me to school. I would come to class and stare at an assignment that I clearly could complete but, my attitude would be telling me not to attempt it. Mr. Roberts helped me overcome those problems last year. Even the most ambitious, difficult situations could be made accessible with the help of J-Rob.

Third period was constantly the turning point of my day. I could be having the most impulsive day ever and everything would change when Mr. Roberts and I have a talk. It’s like he could see through me. Sometimes I felt like I didn’t want to talk so I would try not to display my frustration, but he would always notice it. He makes each student feel important and can change a mood in a heartbeat. I try in my classwork now even when I’m not being coached because I seem to hear Roberts’ words of encouragement flowing through my head. If it weren’t for J-Rob, I doubt that I would be where I am today.

Mr. Roberts has always gone above and beyond to keep students on the right track. Roberts has always been a huge effect on our students and our community. Alongside teaching, J-Rob also has 19 years of coaching under his belt. He coached football for 8 years and 11 years of soccer. I couldn’t explain how he gets all this done because he seems like a teenager to me. He is a matured veteran with a young person’s mentality. Mr. Roberts also does a soccer camp every summer for local soccer players to improve their skills in the off-season. Those are just a few none-profit events that he takes part in and that is a big reason why Mr. Roberts is a huge idol to the community. The city would not have many beneficial activities to offer to the youth if it weren’t for considerate volunteers like Roberts.

That being said, Mr. Roberts has had a great effect on me. He deserves the “Teacher of the Year” award every single year. I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that I have learned from him when I look back on my junior year and my advantage of having Mr. Roberts as a teacher. I am a senior now and I don’t have Roberts this year but I see him every day and his teachings still are with me. I do miss the comforting feeling of our conversations but I am very thankful for the experience. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for Mr. Roberts and his hard work and effort. Thanks to him, I am now a senior and I feel good about myself and I my expectations for myself. Never again will school be thought of as a dumb childhood requirement. Education has meaning now and I know that the world is out there waiting for me. I take pride in my intelligence and I credit Mr. Roberts for guiding me and helping me realize the importance of goals.

The author's comments:
I really felt passionate about this piece and I meant everything that I express. When I seen this topic, I knew my whole article from top to bottom and what I was going to say.

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