Inspiration in Art

May 30, 2013
Out of all my teachers there’s on teacher that helped me the most, Ms. Victoria Hahn, she teaches art at Jewett school of the Arts. The thing that makes her special to me is the fact I almost quite art my first year of middle school, after years of taking it in elementary I thought it would be the same but I was wrong. Every day since she became our new art teacher I’ve learn new and exciting things. Ms. Hahn has inspired me and everyone in my class and that’s why I want to nominate her for educator of the year.

Begin of the school year my school art teacher quit and a new one I thought this art teacher would be the same as the last but it turn out I was wrong. Our first assignment was value with charcoal and I didn’t know how to do it. All of my friends mange to it somehow but every time I tried I couldn’t finally I asked for help and Ms. Hahn came and showed me that you need to use willow then medium and then the darkest charcoal. After few trials it work, and I was glad because Ms. Hahn helped me and was a kind.
Next, Ms. Hahn always told us good job and helped us out when we needed and if we got done with something she would help us out with anything else we needed. One day I wanted to learn how to mix paint colors to get other colors and use value with paint, so she told im to grab an object of the still life and the colors needed. After this she showed me how to mix them and what to do, and boy I was surprise because after I finish the picture it turn out amazing.

Ms. Hahn has inspired me greatly if it wasn’t her I wouldn’t be in art or be who I am now. Every day in class she’s amazed on how much we’ve improved and always glad to see our bright faces. Whenever its need she allows us to work on art projects for things like drama sets of dance sets. She’s taught us new kinds medias like contour, how to mix hue and many other things. I believe that Ms. Hahn should win the educator of the year’s award because she’s kind she’s helped us she allows us to help the other art apartments, and she’s an amazing teacher.

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