How should juveniles who commit crimes be tried in a court of law?

May 29, 2013
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When we are growing up, there were some realizations that the children had the right to fail and the right to make mistakes therefore Juveniles who commit crimes, should be tried in the Juvenile court, and tried with the understanding of how their will be affected by the sentence.

In one cause, Jacob was a 15-year-old boy who murdered his mother and stepfather. Jacob's defense claimed he and his brother had endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of his stepfather. Child abuse is perfect crimes as parent who do it seal their own protection because they know the kinds are typically not going to fight back. This however shows that a children who is innocence and with a little bit of knowledge when they are facing any difficulty in their life, they tend to use the most direct way to pay back, their feelings. For example, Jacob’s stepfather had sexually abused him. Therefore, in his mind he was thinking, “All he wanted was something to end”. For example, when a new born baby is hungry and want to drink mike, they will directly cry out loud first, trying to tell their mother that they are hungry they need food! This again, shows that Juveniles, who commit crimes, should be tried in the Juveniles court.

In another case, Erik was there when Nate killed his mother after years of abuse; Nate says Erik didn’t do anything but they’re both serving life without parole for her death. Slowly and ceaselessly the prison system is destroying those good, human qualities they still possess. Erik echoed this sentiment “ In ten years, I’ll either be on the streets or dead” this again questioning our self should Juveniles who commit crime be tried in the Juveniles court? Theoretically they are just a kid, they had the right to fail and make mistake so be able to learn from the mistake as they are not responsible, reliable and trustable yet to take up too much responsible, they are not mature enough, they might not even able to differentiate what they did was wrong or right. Thus, Juveniles, who commit crimes, should be tried in the Juveniles court.

Although Juveniles who commit crime should be tried in the Juveniles court. Some people however believe that they should not. In the article that involved of juveniles who killed his own parents as he had experience several sexually abuses from his parents. Therefor he used the most extreme way to express his feeling and tried to use this way to stop what his parents had done to him. However, because the cause involved of life and death , as bad as children get treated by their parents , that parent is still their caregiver. So no matter what happens children should never kill their own parents.

In my conclusion, many studies shown that “transfer juveniles to the adult criminal system has a significant negative impact on juveniles by obstructing any future educational, employment, and social opportunities”. Furthermore, these studies also show that transferring juveniles does not deter them from re-offending, but actually encourages future criminal activity, therefore Juveniles who commit crimes, should be tried in juveniles court.

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