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April 29, 2013
By , wilmington, DE
Marching, naval ranks, naval ships and air crafts, these are just some of the things that Chief K teaches. Chief K is a naval science instructor at the Delaware Military Academy. He served in the Navy and worked his way up to the rank of Chief, the K on the end stands for keggeris, but it’s easier to just say Chief K. Naval science is where students/cadets learn a lot about the Navy and other military branches. The material in the class is hard to learn, but Chief makes the class easy and understandable.

I enjoy having Chief as an instructor because he is always making jokes and having fun. Even though he is a naval science instructor and can yell and scream; he is really nice and cares about all of the cadets that attend DMA, not just the ones that he teaches. He makes sure that you understand the material he is teaching, and he answers every question that is asked. Every morning when I walk into school I can hear him greeting all of the cadets with a cheerful and energetic “Good morning cadet, how are you doing today?” He knows every cadet by name, last name of course, and he is very easy to talk to.

Chief K knows a lot about the navy and makes a perfect instructor for the class. He knows a lot about looking your best, well because of inspections. Inspection is where someone comes and inspects your uniform and Chief helps us with pointers on how to shine shoes, measurements for our ranks and ribbons, hair and everything else that has to do with our uniform. Chief is also good at marching, he taught me everything I know today, and that’s a lot. He makes sure that when we go to take our promotion tests, that we have a study guide and are prepared for whatever is on the test.

It is great having Chief, because unlike other teachers, Chief won’t ask any of his cadets to do something that he can’t do himself. We do push-ups, he can do push-ups, we run a mile, he can run a mile, we have to do P.T. (physical Training), he can P.T too. He is always there if you are confused about anything or have a question. He is very interesting, because he likes to joke around and since he yells a lot. He usually combines the two and you never really know if he is serious or kidding. He is usually just kidding though, he also likes to tell people to ‘get on their face’ but again he is just kidding, most of the time.

Most of my favorite freshman year memories took place in my naval science class, with Chief K and my platoon. I am so shocked how much I have learned about the navy and the military, I never thought I would learn so much in one year. I think that Chief should earn this because he is so nice and caring and takes the time to make sure that every cadet in his class understands what is being taught. I nominated Chief K because he is one of the best teachers that I have ever encountered.

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