Coach Pat Kelley

April 15, 2013
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Coach Pat Kelley

Coach Pat has many good qualities about him. He is friendly sometimes (just kidding), caring, funny, fun, and a good motivator. These are only some of his qualities.

Coach Pat gave great pep talks throughout the season. He motivated the team and me before each wrestling meet and match. He made me want to strive to do my best everyday on and off the mat. Coach always said the right thing to motivate the team. He always expected me to do my best.

Coach Pat could be fun sometimes. Although some practices were not fun, AT ALL, we still played games sometimes. The practice after the Super Bowl, we played knee football for half the practice. Also, Coach Pat would sometimes mess around.

Coach Pat cared about everyone throughout the season. When my Grandfather and Grandmother were in the hospital, he would ask how they were doing. One practice I showed up a little late from visiting my Grandparents in the hospital; he pulled me aside to make sure I was okay. He told me he understood what I was going through.

Coach Kelley is definitely a good motivator, fun, and caring. At the beginning of the year I didn’t want to wrestle, and I definitely didn’t want to wrestle my sophomore, junior, and senior year. However, after this year I do want to wrestle the following years, because of Coach Pat, and his brother Coach Darren. I am really looking foreword to the next season. Coach Pat goes beyond caring about the athlete; he cares about the person. That’s what makes him such a special person.

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