Educator of the Year- Robert Naylor

April 15, 2013
“Can we take it from the top of Scene Three, and try to use more emotion when you’re explaining what happened.” These were common words out of my seventh grade science teacher, who was also my school play director. He was that teacher I will never forget and he has made a huge impact on my life; his name was Mr. Naylor. Mr. Naylor was a teacher who everyone loved, and he taught the one class that you always looked forward to. Although there are many great teachers out there that are fantastic, Mr. Naylor is definitely the best; he made my middle school years amazing by making class fun, always being there for me, and being an awesome coach.

Mr. Naylor always made class enjoyable even if you were in the worst mood or not feeling well. He always had the best lessons planned, and they were always fun. Almost every class we did hands on activities and learned a lot. We also did labs that were fun too. I still remember some of them. We did a lab when we were talking about density and what floats and sinks, so we put vegetable oil and water in a water bottle to see if they mixed. That was one of a few things I remember from that year. Mr. Naylor is also really funny. Every class he had new jokes, and they were the funniest. He also had a story for everything we learned, whether it was from a previous year or when he was growing up.

Mr. Naylor is also more than a teacher. There would be days when I was down or in a fight with my friends, and I would vent to him. Also, if I didn’t understand something he was teaching or why something was happening, he would come over and explain it to me in another way or with examples. Mr. Naylor was my favorite teacher because if you saw him outside of school or at a school function, he would always say hi. On top of that, if my mom was running late to pick me up from school, he would let me sit in his room and do my homework if he didn’t have to leave before she got there.

Mr. Naylor wasn’t just my teacher but my “coach”. He was the director of our school play, and he doesn’t know this, but he helped me get over my stage fright. I am now on my school’s dance team which performed in front of the whole school. He also made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. I realized this the moment that I learned the dance parts of the play with a cast on my arm and was still able to do them just as good as the other girls. Mr. Naylor wasn’t just a coach with the play but also in the classroom. He supported me and told me to always strive to excel. He also helped me fix any mistake I made, and he showed me what I did wrong, which was helpful in the play and in class.

Very few people have actually made an impact on my life, but he was one. He was my coach, the person I went to if I needed help, and most importantly an amazing teacher. I hope Mr. Naylor, continues to make an impact on people’s lives and make a real difference. I know he certainly did make an impact on my life and that is why I am recommending him for Educator of the Year. He is definitely someone who deserves it.

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