Mr. Fairfield

April 15, 2013
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"Let's go run your poles." The voice of Coach Fairfield. Coach Fairfield is one of the sixth grade teachers, and a baseball coach over at Henry B.DuPont middle school located in Hockessin, DE. He is the best coach I've ever played for and he made me the player I am today.

During the beginning of my eighth-grade year we had baseball clinics which are like practices and teachings of the game that anybody from the school is able to come to. At the clinics he gave us information about himself and what he strives for as a coach. We did a good amount of fielding drills and some hitting. All the while being critiqued by him and the assistant coaches. I knew he was no joke and had the potential to take our team all the way.

When spring time came around, he composed a terrific tryout. The try out was in stations, and we did different things. From hitting, to fielding, to base running, he perfected our lineup during the regular season. We went 12-4 and won the championship against Brandywine springs for the second year in a row.

I learned so much from him only because he knew so much. Not only is he an expert at one or two positions, he knows how to play every position the correct way. I was an average hitter with a love for the game. Through the course of the year he made me so much more than that. He recognized different hitches in my swing, and he told me what to do to change them. I batted fourth in the lineup and only struck out a few times through the whole season. Without him teaching me, I would have struck out triple that amount.

Mr. Fairfield in the classroom and Coach Fairfield on the field changed my game and many other's. The respect I have for the hours over time away from his family helping me become better as a person and a player is beyond honorable. He knows all there is to know about the game of baseball, and he's one great man. This is why he’s my obvious choice for Educator of the Year.

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