The coach who makes the difference

March 12, 2013
By John Cox BRONZE, Round Lake, Illinois
John Cox BRONZE, Round Lake, Illinois
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“Which hand is your good hand?”
“My left”
“Then you will focus on your right”
“But I don’t even know how to throw or catch with my left yet”
“You can’t get any better if you don’t work on your weakest link”
This is the first conversation I had with a man, who would change my lacrosse career forever, His name was Mr. Brady; Brady was always the favorite of the coaches amongst most of the players. He is a charismatic person who always knows how to lighten the mood, and even when we were playing terrible against a team he knew exactly what to say, and how to say it to bring our spirits up. This man helps to shape THE lacrosse player by the end of your time here at Mundelein high, and never gives up on one who is not good at first even if they themselves quit.

Mr. Brady has a certain aura about him that makes everyone around him happier in a way. He never gets mad when players don’t focus, yet he doesn’t have to because they’re constantly at attention when he is around. His attitude about winning or losing is always made with a quote he must have a thousand stored away in his head. He would say quotes like “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Which meant hard work on the practice field means victory on game day and vice versa of course.

His coaching skills were unrivaled in terms of lacrosse, he was the reason I went from being a novice first year player to moving up to JV, and playing in their games for the second half of the season. He taught determination, and high spirited playing even when we might lose. He helped a lot of my friends progress from being the players this who can’t catch to being the players who were scoring the winning goals in the last thirty seconds. He has unorthodox training methods that are seen as difficult at times, but they are all for our own good, and are the reason that we are prepared on game day.

Brady is an interesting person, and has an interesting coaching style ,but you should always know that what he does is for a reason. He can always bring up our team to work, and play better. He is looked up to by many of the players in the Mundelein lacrosse program including myself, and is seen as an idol that makes a difference.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this because this coach is the reason I have progressed so much and taken a liking to lacrosse in the first place.

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