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March 7, 2013
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Mrs. Betsy Morken, Junior High History teacher, Maranatha Christian Academy
Mrs. Morken:
Life Changer
Every year I start a new grade with new teachers, and they have never been anything but ordinary. Two years ago, when I started seventh grade, that streak changed. I started that year at a new school, and I wasn’t very excited to make new friends. I’ve never been good at making friends, or socializing at all. Walking down the hall on the first day was somewhat uncomfortable. Some people were nice to me; some just stared. Going from class to class wasn’t easy either, but going to history class made all the stress and worry disappear. It could’ve been her friendly smile or her helping hands, but overall it was her Christ-like spirit that gave me a warm welcome into class. She introduced herself, and told us she was glad to meet us. I actually believed her. From that day on, I knew she wasn’t like the all other teachers.
Every day after that, I always looked forward to history class. She actually made the classes fun and educational at the same time (I didn’t think that was possible). She always made me laugh by all of her witty remarks.
Another thing that made her such an amazing and fun person is that she was in charge of the junior high drama department. Drama is a big part of my life, so you could see how I would be excited. She was just as amazing a director as she was a teacher, mostly because she always encouraged us and never yelled or insulted us. I had never had a director that has given me so much confidence about my acting as well as about myself. She truly believed everyone was talented and was a gift from God.
Last year, my eighth grade year, I continued having her as a teacher. That year was one of the hardest years of my life because of friendships, bullies, etc. Through all of it, I knew that I could go to her if I needed advice or someone to talk to. She made it very clear to me that I could come to her anytime and that I could put my trust in her. It seemed like she always had the words to say when I did come to her, and she would pray for me right there.
In the years I had her as a teacher she had made a major impact on my life. She truly inspired me to try my best on everything, and to rely on God and trust him through anything. I still see her every once in a while in the hallways, and every time I do I suddenly turn happy. Seeing her reminds me that I am loved. That is one thing I now know for a fact.
As you read this, I hope you realize that Mrs. Morken should be the one to win this award. She truly deserves it, as you can see.. Another reason she should get it though is because I am 100% sure she will be very humble about it. She is honestly the most humble person I know, along with all the other traits I’ve mentioned. Mrs. Morken has changed my life forever, and I hope this story can change yours too.

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