Mr. Hackathorn

March 7, 2013
By Xavier Henderson BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
Xavier Henderson BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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Have you ever had that one teacher you have fun in class, yet still manage to learn efficiently? Well, I can say there have been multiple teachers I have encountered, but the one I want to focus on is Tavis Hackathorn. He is such a great instructor; for example, if I did not comprehend the section review, he would kindly set down his iPad to provide help along with a smile. Mr. Hackathorn is a mediator between me and my raging mind as well as my wild actions. For example, if I am acting wild and out of control he will politely pull me aside and simply tell me to calm down. His style of teaching is mixed between hands-on activities and worksheets depending on the behavior of the class.
His most beneficial character traits are patience and kindness, not only those but many other fruits of the Spirit, but personally I believe those set him apart from many other teachers in the school. I can tell his walk with the Lord is very rooted due to his daily devotions and the way he was raised by his father. The service he provides to his community is teaching young elementary the fundamentals and the basics of basketball in his free time. Personally, this pricks my heart to see him give up his spare time to children who really need it. His attitude speaks volumes to his character he is very relaxed and very fun, yet also knows when to be serious and work. All the aspects of his life affect me positively and help me grow and mature in my walk with Christ. Mr. Hackathorn is the miracle from God who was obviously sent to guide me on the way of the Lord.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this article since Mr. Hackathorn is a great role model for my life.

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