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February 26, 2013
The title, National Teacher of the Year, speaks many words to my school and also to myself. This award should go to someone who is not only dedicated to their school and students, but also their community. This year I have had the pleasure of having, Robert Donatelli (Northern Lebanon Business and Technology Teacher) as one of my main teachers throughout my High School experience. It is through these experiences that I have acknowledged him as being a standout in the crowd and an excellent nominee for this prestigious award.

Mr.Donatelli has been with the Northern Lebanon School District for only around seven months and has already made an impact on our overall presentation and representation, as one of the most influential teachers in the state and possibly nation. His first year as a teacher has had nothing but positive outcomes in the minds of not only his students but of every student in the county.

Leadership is a quality many people claim to have, although most are self-dependent, Robert is not. Mr.Donatelli is constantly striving to become a great role-model and mentor to all students he comes into contact with. It is of this unprecedented experience that drives our school out of an economic crisis and into the rankings as a powerful school and academic academy for years to come.

Being active in many clubs, athletic events and classes is definitely difficult, but taking the time out of your day to be able to stop and talk to a student in need, is something no one could ask for. Out of the many schools I have been to as a child and student, I have never had a single teacher possess such qualities, until I met Mr.Donatelli. It is a quite unique and miraculous thing to experience. I sometimes question its truthfulness but it holds firm.

Through the good times and the bad, Mr.Donatelli is here for his students, whether it is on a social media site, such as Twitter® or through an email, Mr.Donatelli is always prepared to help his students in any way possible. A phone call home usually holds bad news for parents, but if Mr.Donatelli is on the other end of the line, parents seem to light up with emotions because they know what Robert will say, “Your son/daughter has shown an excellent amount of effort in my class and I felt it was only proper to call home and aware you of their efforts.”

Mr.Donatelli is not your average teacher, that’s for sure. He is much different than the rest of his kind. He is original in every way and that’s just what his students love about him. Through a bad day you can always count on Mr.Donatelli to cheer you up with a good joke or a friendly man to talk to, whatever the task, Rob is truly a blessing to the Northern Lebanon School District.

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