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February 21, 2013
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A teacher I will always remember and never forget would be Tonya Andrews. She was my Geometry teacher freshman year and currently my Algebra II teacher sophomore year. She is a teacher at Cleburne High School.
Mrs. Andrews is very detailed in her outfit choice, you can never miss her! She is always wearing a long skirt with a matching top, and of course matching jewelry. Also she wears red lipstick and never forgets to apply eyeliner. I think this why I gravitate to her as a teacher because she is just like a regular teenage kid.
Her teaching styles are very unique and very different than any others teacher I have had in the past years. One of her techniques is through songs and rhythm. And these songs will never leave your head because they are so catchy. One of her quotes she sings/says is, “Divide the number in front of the letter.” All of Mrs. Andrew’s songs are creative and you wonder how does she do it?
A few things why I think she should be recognized is because when she has a test, quiz, or homework, once she gets the grades she puts them on Skyward right away. Usually it takes my other teachers about a week or two to put grades in. Also she is very helpful not only with school work but with other important things. You could come after school for help on homework but she’ll also be there if you need or want someone to talk to.
Tonya Andrews is the one who should gain this award. She deserves it without a doubt.

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