Educator Paper

February 15, 2013
Educator Paper
On the first day of fourth grade, it was a New Year in a new grade, in a new school and two new teachers. But one teacher, Mrs. Jones ended up being my favorite teacher.
She is a little person. She was like a fourth grader with a mom’s face. She was even shorter than me and I was a shrimp. Mrs. Jones was a kid at heart, always giving high fives and telling jokes. I remember we were learning long division. Math has always been a struggle of mine and long division was no walk in the park so, I stayed in after school and she helped me and I finally grasped the concept. I could now do long division and I was enjoying it too.
Every day, Mrs. Jones would read to us from chapter books she had selected. No matter what story it was, no one could read with as much expression or enthusiasm as Mrs. Jones. She would really paint the picture and make us feel as like we were watching the story. She taught in a hands on and interactive way. She introduced to me the strategies of mnemonics. And when it came to memorizing things, she came up with a little song or word to help remember and it worked like a charm.
She taught social studies and I remember I stayed after school to get help. She told me to use flashcards. After a night of flash cards and studying I finally got almost a perfect score on the test. I never forget how good it felt to actually understand and know the material you are being tested on and not having to take a guess.
I believe Mrs. Jones is the best educator of the year because; she loves to help students, and is energized and fun. It’s nice to know a teacher cares about you and wants you to do well. She also liked to know what was going on in your life, whether it was good or bad and letting you know she was there for help.
I remember her sitting in with a group of girls that didn’t get along one day during class; she helped them figure things out. Not many teachers would take the time to help solve the problem. Most would have them figure it out themselves, but not Mrs. Jones. She was a teacher but also a mother, both inside and outside of school.

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